Pastoral Diary 26


Dear diary, I am a bit late in this week journal, I know you will understand. Like I promised I will be consistent and punctual. Dear diary, I know you will be wondering after telling you I fell in love with a virtuous lady, I almost did not mention her again these past weeks.

I will like to point out some silent lessons I learnt in my relationship with future madam. The first and most pronounced one dear diary is that, because you are sure you heard God doesn’t mean the relationship will stand nor does it mean you will not have challenges.

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Pastoral Diary 25


Dear diary, I want to delve into a knotty issue that some believed and others scorn. The issue of deliverance is an issue most will shy away from, but trust me dear diary. The theological correctness of a believer being possessed or obsessed is an issue I will not argue in support or against. This event took place when I just started the ministry.

A friend who said he is born again was introduced to me who said he needed deliverance. After listening to his situation, I readily agreed he needed one. I quickly gave him an appointment for the said ministration.

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Pastoral Diary 24


Dear diary, like I promised I am a changed man. I trust God to continue in this change-ness. Like I was saying in the last journal dear diary. I boarded a tricycle and met two other passengers inside who were discussing. Their discussion was the basis of this journal.

The first man highlighted the importance of leaving a ministry on a good note. He laid emphasis on the importance of being patient even when you are sure God is calling you to another ministry. He went further that God who called you will have to intervene and explain to your mentor in the present ministry or else your mentor may turn into a TOR-mentor.

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Pastoral Diary 23

Dear diary, it’s been a while. As usual I will not come with one excuse or the other but all I will say is that, in the largeness of your ever forgiving heart. Find a place in it to forgive my inconsistency. That being said, I will have to devise a means to keep this journal at least weekly faithfully henceforth. Dear diary, I know you are doubting me, wait and see that the Lord is good (wink with a wicked grin).
Lagos is a dangerous place to live in my dear diary and a more dangerous place to be a practising Christian let alone a young man of the cloth. Sometimes I do imagine how God will judge people living in cosmopolitan cities like ours with its complexities. Maybe there will be another way… Just saying dear diary.
I remembered reading #BusTales on http://www.isaacolanewnaija.com sometimes ago and thinking the stories was fabricated. I think I know better now dear diary.

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Pastoral Diary 22

Pastoral Diary 22

Dear diary, the old man has a way of presenting his case succinctly that it cut through to the heart of the matter without dilly-dallying. I think after these visitations I will have to come up with things learnt and how to implement them.

Dear diary, mentoring I began to appreciate after my meetings with Sage. Though some mentors tend to be tormentors but notwithstanding mentors are a prerequisite in all field of endeavours.

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Pastoral Diary 21


Dear diary, I am still chewing what the old man told me even after a week. How will one learn contentment in an environment that encourages and support greed and avarice? How do you cope with sexual pressure in this age and time? How do you cope with the monies flying about and not be corrupted?

I decided to visit the old Sage again. This time around, I wanted to surprise him by calling to book appointment few minutes before the time of the appointment.

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Pastoral Diary 20


Dear diary, after my visitation to the hospital the last time. I came to the conclusion that life is ephemeral. I also learnt to be grateful for whatever situation I found myself. This past week, I met an old minister of the gospel.

I remembered one of my earliest Pastor told me. That it is of great importance to walk with really old people especially the godly ones.

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Pastoral Diary 19


Dear diary, after the Ekiti debacle, I begin to put things into perspective again. I begin to actually prioritise things and allow the scale of preference to affect my choices.

Less I forget, I actually went to Ekiti to see the aged parents of my friend. Dear diary, my conclusion on the whole issue is that any god that can not fight for itself is no god at all.

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Pastoral Diary 18

Dear diary, I will refrain from tendering half hearted excuse why I disappear and reappear. I will go straight to the matter of the heart which is actually the heart of the matter.

I will not pretend to be a perfect man dear diary, but I am far from where I started from two decades ago. I am a work in progress and I believe the Lord is doing a work in my life that is bearing progressive fruits in my walk and work for Him.

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Araiye (poem in Yoruba & English)



Idamu oni pade e o
A imo asiko ni damu
E da

Kabiyesi olori akiyesi
Ton fera,
Ko ronti ola
Ori ki e je shon’fela

Iya’n bu omo re
Eyin ti oo gara te le
Ojo waju dey ba i ba i,
Omo no o rono ti e,

A imo asiko ni damu
Araiye, ore mi

Opolo itumo, ti’ awon mi
O kuuno
Dupe fun’Olorun araye e da.

Ti agogo orin ba le shee
Igbele fuun Oluwa
A dara ko tuun ro, ko ro

Sisi Egberaga
Baba Agbalagba
Mk Ojojo

Orita meta ni pada ti
Shekere ni iba di omoge
Igbale oko ofurufu omode

Bi e mi shen ro
Obirin lolorun Oba.



Confussion wouldn’t be your portion.
Mystry of the future blinds humanity,

King owner of the throne
Who abuses it
Not minding tomorrow,
His hype name is
‘Enjoyment, that’s life’.

Mother insulting her offspring
She’s also malnurished,
Tomorrow comes in hast,
Child doesn’t make headway.

Mystry of the future blinds humanity
My friend.

Sence of reasoning is delibrately
Not propotional
Thank God of mankind.

If a bell can keep vigil for
Its good for us to think, let’s think,

Proud lady
Elderly man
M.K Ojojo

T.junction is a meeting point
For witches
Dangling beads from the waist
Of a beauty queen,
Broom, air plane for a kid.

The way I think
Woman is GOD.