“I have been gang raped” by Isaacola AA first published by ekekeee.com on 4th Jan 2013

I am lonely, devastated and impoverished
Deceived by the people I trusted the most
Exploited by my family
My conjugal arrangement though imperfect
Held a promise of El_dorado at the beginning
The journey started about half a century ago
In an amalgam of north and south
Marriage of convenient inconvenience
With an advent of different and differing partners
With different expectations
The onset of democracy ushered in a dispensation
Of heartless indifference and strategic lootocracy
With reckless abandonment for common sense
That is a rare commodity in this clime and time
The greatest looting, exploiting
Began under the nose of my present lover
Who deceived me with a humble mien
From the southern part of my kins
Sweet talking me into a marriage I will live to regret
He came in smoothly, talking about sharing
What is left of my bartered heart in conjugal bliss
Only for me to be gang raped
By the armies of desperate looters
With insatiable greed
Devastating my upper torso
Destroying the little infrastructure
In shambolic fight again the Boko Haram
Rendering the area uninhabitable
The lower torso is leached in search of oil
By these armies of shameless looters
Our matrimony has been raped

You can reach Isaacola AA on twitter@newnaija and @TT007newnaija

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