“The virginity of a man” by Isaacola AA was first published by seunfalayi.blogspot.com


According to Collins English Dictionary a virgin is among other things (a) a person, especially a woman, who has never had sexual intercourse (b) any female animal that has not mated. While virginity is(a) the condition or fact of being a virgin; maiden hood ; chastity (b) the condition of being untouched, unsullied etc.

Don’t raise eyebrow because in our clime here, it is a taboo to mention not to talk of discussing virgin, virginity and sex . The only time we hear these words, they are always in a sanctimonious instruction dished out especially to the female about avoiding contacts with the opposite sex. No one is concerned with the male child no matter the number or size of the opposite sex he had sex with! In fact most of the time ,we hear about sex from the wrong side (porn, friends and dirty books).

My major grouse is that nobody cares in the society about a man keeping himself before marriage. Why is the boys allowed by the society to play in all kinds of league both home and away! Why are the boys allowed to sample the gals! After playing in all kinds of league the boys are then expected to go and settle down with a good girl from a good family that is expected by the community to still be a virgin. Ummmmmmmmm who is supposed to marry those countless girls we have sampled in the process of growing up! It gives me serious heart ache to see that someone is going to marry those girl.
There should be a paradigm shift from the society if this societal ill will be nipped in the bud from the home front. If our home and our schools will lay emphasis on the virginity of boys and not attached a stigma to boys that are virgin, methinks, this ill can then be gradually corrected.

In conclusion, we should all play our part by educating the boys around about the ills of premarital sex and parents are especially encouraged to be close to their wards so that when issues that are sex related occur, they can easily run to us to discuss it. A man that is the lion of the tribe of his family is going to be unapproachable by the boiz.

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3 thoughts on ““The virginity of a man” by Isaacola AA was first published by seunfalayi.blogspot.com

  1. Hi you have a fantastic blog over here! Thanks for posting this interesting information for us! If you keep up the good work I’ll visit your website again. Thanks!


  2. I totally concur with this.
    Even some pastors do this..i know they mean well but sermons about chastity and virginity shouldn’t only be directed at the girls.
    Please spread the word out.
    Great article here!


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