In Jesus name…
I cast you out…
It was obvious the prayer or what was being said were not backed by either faith or confidence!!!
The preacher seems to vacillate between two opinions, though he appeared to the praying with all the acrobatics associated with prayer in this part of the world. His mind is torn between two opinions; should he continue this charade or should he abort the mission and face the shame! His spirit is torn between accepting what the WORD said or accepting the reality on ground ; his inadequacy in the face of contrary circumstance !
Still in his reverie: come to think of it, the 700grand was borrowed to pay for my ailing wife medical bill and I plan paying back the money when everything settles down even though I don’t know when… The “breasty” girl never complained about the planned accidental touch, in fact she has been after me since my wife sickness started six months ago,she was actually looking for more accidental “touch”. She knew I have been practically living a celibate life since the unfortunate sickness started and turn my once able wife into a shadow of herself… Thank God this demon can not see… He was brought back to the present when the lady screamed and stop him dead on his tract.

The “lady” capitalizing on the indecision of the man of God shouted in a guttural “nollywood style” demonic and unnatural baritone voice: you are not good enough friend, you yourself can attest to your numerous inadequacies…your book itself says “this kind does not go except by fasting and prayer”. When was the last time you really prayed or fast? Since this sickness of your wife started, have you really prayed as in serious prayers since then? Didn’t your book tells you the story of the seven sons of Sceva? The “lady” gaining more confidence heaped more Torment on the man,draining whatever is left of his confidence by the disdainful look and poise said…
Moreover this girl is covenanted to me till the next seven generations and there is nothing you can really do about my “lawful captive”. Don’t just waste your time here little boy preacher! She crown it all with a nonchalant sadistic laughter.

The sweaty and undecided man of God seems caught up in some heavenly trance. His countenance changed and the metamorphosis was obvious to every one around. A gear seems to shift like an “ajeegboro” trying to climb a steep hill. An unnatural serenity pervades the man totally . No I am not standing here on my righteousness…He replied the lady…

To be continued
Isaacola AA can be reached on twitter@newnaija and @TT007newnaija

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