The preacher was caught up in trance like rhapsody – speaking in “glosalalo” with uninhibited zeal. His language made a mockery of the uninitiated, growing in decibel and accompanied with energetic gesticulation…

“A lalala bahsh…”

He seemed oblivious of the small but growing crowd gathering around them.

In the trance : the preacher was shown all his sins and the work of the saviour’s blood.

“Alalalala bahsh…”

His confidence seemed boosted with the trance though he was still not sure how to proceed.

He address the young possessed lady;

“The captive of the mighty shall be delivered…touch not my anointed…the Lord rebuked you…I plead the blood of Jesus against you…”

“Shaaaarap! So you have the temerity, audacity and boldness to quote scriptures? You don’t even believe the words coming out of your own mouth! Now, you’ve really crossed your boundary mister man of God! Hear my verdict to you: you will be evicted from your house by your landlord tomorrow; you will be sacked for embezzlement by the church council and after this meeting, you will receive a call about your wife’s deteriorating health condition…”

As if on cue, the preacher’s phone began to ring. He didn’t even border to check the caller.

The preacher’s confidence was instantly deflated that he could bear it no more. He was about to walk away when he noticed increased murmurs amongst the crowd.

And then, a young boy of about thirteen years of age walked confidently toward them…

(To be continued)
You can reach Isaacola AA on twitter@newnaija and @TT007newnaija

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