I am not a card carrying member of any political party and I am hoping it’ll remain so for some time. However, I will happily campaign for any viable option other than this vision-less, clueless and confused kleptos parading themselves as our government. Inasmuch as this crop of failed and failing ‘lootocrats’ have become a perpetual leech on our national patrimony, I ask with all sincerity and trepidation; what other alternatives do we have?

After reading Simon Kolawole’s piece, the question refuses to leave my consciousness. What other alternative do we have as a people?

Our so called opposition are nothing but disgruntled elements grabbing for every available opportunity to criticize this clueless regime but offering no genuine alternative.

A question that is yet to be answered by the so called opposition is: “Do you have a genuine democrat working as a governor, who can shame these kleptomanic PDP governors? Show any with a performing budget and a well articulated assembly?”

Is there any of the bandwagon opposition that can at least give us a strategy on how to resuscitate our dead refineries? Is there any articulated stratagem on how to encourage investors into the quagmire called the oil sector and move it out of the present predicament? Is any party telling us how they plan or are planning to stop the fuel import imbroglio?

Let’s look at the power sector. We are tired of hearing that the PDP led government sunk $16 billion into it only to increase the darkness in the land? What do they intend to do about the “evil spirit invaded ” power sector? We all know the 4500 megawatts cannot power a county in the US but what is the opposition planning to do if they are elected in the next general election?

Another national calamity is the education and health sectors. Our hospital were previously hailed as good consulting environments but now it is the breeding ground of diseases and a place where healthy people go to contact diseases. We are still ravaged by preventable diseases like cholera, malaria, polio etc. In the states that the opposition are presently taking charge, what have they done differently and what is the percentage of student that passed “SSCE” in their states? How many teachers have been trained with the current technological tools available now? How many of our school laboratories are equipped with state of the art equipments?

We are not even sure if the land space is safer than the airspace but all in all, they are an eyesore compared to what is obtainable in developed or developing climes. What has the opposition done in their respective states in the area of infrastructural development especially roads?

And the mother of them all; how has the opposition fared in the area of cutting bloated government spending on itself? How many of the states ruled by the opposition budget 60percent for developmental project ?

Methinks, the merger being championed by the opposition should focus more on the deliverables accruable to the electorates not so much on how to grab power at all cost. They should see to it that there is internal democracy in the planned party with proper checks and balances in place. We don’t want to end up with a big-for-nothing opposition party that is an extension of the useless OVERLORDS who presently pretend to serve.

Special thanks to @saymalcom and @deboadejugbe for their help in writing this piece.

You can reach Isaacola AA on twitter @newnaija and @TT007newnaija

3 thoughts on “ALTERNATIVE by Isaacola AA

  1. Straight to the point. Do we really have an opposition or just ‘losers on the other side’? The entire noise about a merger is a calamitous failure waiting to further damage our nation. We are simply welcoming doom with fanfare…


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