TORMENTED IV Concluding Part by Isaacola AA

“… You little brat! What are doing here? The naughtiness of your heart will surely destroy you one of these days. What are you looking for here! Do you see your mate here kiddo?!” The young lady was screaming at the top of her voice to the little boy strolling confidently without a single care in the world.

The preacher ran to the boy and implored him to go back that this is not “sunday school stuff” but the real world.

The teenage replied the preacher and the lady at the same time. “Let me do the work of my Father while it is yet day. The night comes when no one can work.”

And with that, he looked up to the young lady.

“The Lord rebuke you. Get out of her IN JESUS NAME!” He said.

The lady started shouting; “Help, help, help! It’s not yet time for me to leave. Please allow me time to settle a score with her. Help! Fire in my body! Help, I’m pained! Help! He has come to destroy me before my time …”

The preacher was taken aback.

“Unbelievable! So you can shout like this?!” He said incredulously at the woman.

The boy did not allow the young lady to distract her with her acrobatic gyration and attention-calling style. He spoke with authority for all to hear.

“Get out of her!”

The lady jumped up and down, rolled herself on the ground, writhing in agony and finally heaved heavily.

“I’m going, I’m going, I’m going!” She screamed and finally became still.

The boy looked at the dazed woman on the floor.

“Go home and sin no more.” He said gently.

He looked up as if coming out of a trance and asked the preacher

“Is it alright to pray with you sir?”

Without any contest or sense of shame, the preacher knelt down and the boy laid hands on him and said a simple prayer for him.

“You are delivered from every guilt and shame. You are healed and it is well with your soul in Jesus name.” He said,

Hmmm. So the devil does not respect preacher but a man that knows the Lord and has a working relationship with him? Title or position doesn’t scare the devil after all.


You can reach Isaacola AA on twitter@newnaija and @TT007newnaija

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