Deuteronomy 2 : 4 – 6 (Amplified Bible):

“And command the Israelites, You are to pass through the territory of your kinsmen the sons of Esau, who live in Seir ; and they will be afraid of you. So watch yourselves carefully.
Do not provoke them (or) stir them up, for I will not give you of their land, no, not enough for the sole of your foot to tread on, for I have given Mount Seir to Esau for a possession.
You shall buy food from them for money,that you may eat and you shall also buy water from them for money, that you may drink”.

Operating outside your field or area of gift or talent is like a fish trying to survive outside of water; it is impossible. It is always fraught with hardship, losing struggles and all manner of challenges. When you locate and then operate in your field, you are always at your optimum using minimum input to get maximum output. I want to point our attention to an aspect we often neglect when making choices. Asking ourselves the pertinent question, “Is this my field?”

In my previous article, I stated that your blessing is tied to your field and that what you are cut out for is actually your field. In “locating your field and tending to it”, some issues were raised on how to discover your field but this small piece is to show you a field that is not yours.

In the scripture above, Moses was to command the children of Israel that it was time to move which reminds us that life is a journey. We are to keep moving. Most of us refuse to see this and are always eager to settle down in the field of our kinsmen. God said He will not as much as give us a foothold in that land.

When you stay in a field that is not yours, you discover struggles and all forms of hardship and that is because you are staying in other peoples field. Even though you try all you can, the outcome is always futile. Whilst your mates and colleagues thrive and excel, you are caught up in the survival struggle, barely able to keep head above water – check it, is that your field?

Another pointer to the fact that you are out of your field is that life will be expensive for you. You will practically have to buy all the necessary basic amenities that are supposed to be freely given to you. God told them that they will have to buy the water and the food they will drink and eat whilst passing through Mount Seir. Friends, all you need to do in Seir is just pass through, not pitch your tent there. It is not your field.

When you see these signs, consider them. Am I striving or thriving? When you get to your field, no matter how many things you go through, you will enjoy it because you derive satisfaction from it. Stress is not good for anybody so cut that crap about “I work best under stress”; locate your field and enter into a stress-free life and environment in your career, marriage, business and every aspect of your life.

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