The Diary of ‘The Abused’ by Isaacola AA


What God has joined together, let no man put asunder! My point is; is this union the work of God or my “oju kokoro” which literally means “insect inside my eyes” but metaphorically refers to covetousness!

I fell for his appearance. The kind we ladies call TDH ( tall, dark and handsome). His charismatic smile and unforgettable baritone that resonates in my heart have a way of turning me on. I am still pinching myself to see if my dreams are over.

When you talk of sweet talking, my husband is gifted in that area; talk of riches, he actually was born with a silver spoon. What is it a woman is looking for in a man that was not given to him in abundance by the Creator?

Unfortunately, the handsome guy I am living with is a brute and an egomaniac whose only understanding of sex if Me, Myself and I; every other person can go to hell! Sex to him is just to relieve himself or to practice his demented and warped sexual fantasies learnt from pornographic flicks or from hellish foreign magazines on me.

I was forced to resign from my well paying job just to man the home front. Little did I know that it was the beginning my nightmare. I became a thing to be toyed with. I was forced to undergo so many dehumanizing sexual postures and constantly practice oral sex without my consent. I became a sexual object in my matrimonial home. I was used as a tool in satisfying his drug and alcohol induced desires.

I am losing my mind. Insanity is creeping in on me. Night is always a time of terror for me, perpetrated by a man I loved dearly; I am done. Before the darkness of death seizes me, l have to go.

I don’t believe this is what marriage is supposed to be about.

I quit!

To be continued

You can reach Isaacola AA on twitter@newnaija and @TT007newnaija

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