INTERFACE by Isaacola AA

INTERFACE In betwixt consciousness and the lull of deathly "ileku". There stood the amorphous fierce and fear inducing masquerade. With out- drawn sword glittering with the blood of the vanquished slain. The form and formliness is beyond human reasoning power to conjure in perfect words. Eyes bulging like a radiant sun in its peak of … Continue reading INTERFACE by Isaacola AA

In the eyes of a” Madman” by Isaacola AA

IN THE EYES OF A "MADMAN" A seeing eye, seeing the invisible, an understanding heart, comprehending the irascible, a deep rooted sixth sense, communing with the ancestor and the spirit realm. Wow, who said I am mad? Their father is madder than mad. Their eyes cannot see the obvious and yet they call me mad! … Continue reading In the eyes of a” Madman” by Isaacola AA