In the eyes of a” Madman” by Isaacola AA


A seeing eye, seeing the invisible, an understanding heart, comprehending the irascible, a deep rooted sixth sense, communing with the ancestor and the spirit realm. Wow, who said I am mad? Their father is madder than mad. Their eyes cannot see the obvious and yet they call me mad! Little puzzle of life is a complex tandem too complicated for their simple minds to grasp.

They cannot understand! That is why they will stand under, perpetually! The yoke they placed upon themselves cannot be undone. In their rational mind, they heap burdens on their fellow being and you expect me, a man of higher cognitive abilities to come and abide with them? Impossible! How dare you call me mad when in essence your madness knows no bounds? Your policies are puerile to say the least, imagine the ‘apostle of cashlessness’ creating five thousand naira note! Irrational at best is my description of this madness. Cashlessness my foot.

I am mad! Yes but my madness dances to a heavenly cherubic melody with earthly medley incomprehensible to your clime. How else will I explain the overabundance of petroleum and the shameless importation of petrol at an exorbitant price beyond the commoner’s reach? How on earth will you be dancing to these discordant tunes being played by these ‘yes men’ in the corridor of powerlessness parading themselves as experts. A madman like me understands that a working refinery will eliminate importation without going to Harvard or London business school. How else will I put it, if not that your insanity is of unimaginable proportion!

Abracadabra! The more you look the less you see. The more the muddled pond is muddled the higher the collective rating you get in a madman’s management of “the econogrometric” of the republic. What else? Why on earth or heaven will a people fall for the political jingoism of ‘I am like you!’ Are you Joseph? What do you really want to bring to the table? If not campaign of national calumny, rascality and unaccountability. A madman knows where all his properties are kept no matter how scattered they look to the sane eye, but no one in this maladministration can account for the excess crude oil monies nor can they mention only one case of corruption that was brought to a genuine conclusion. If they are sane then I am more sane!

In the midst of allegations of reckless spending and spurious budgeting, how will a minister be asking for billions for the ‘Mission House (whatever that means), of the first lady and another billions to build city gate and another billion yet, to rehabilitate our ‘ladies of virtue!’ Millions of young urchins popularly known as almanjiris are roaming the streets. Kidnapping is now a profitable venture for the youth, insecurity is in a record high, infant and maternal mortality figures are off the roof, the education system is in shambles, our hospitals are now places where people die of ailments that could be taken care of with as little as five thousand naira only and yet each minister is thinking of outdoing the other in the race to be ‘mad.’
Who then is mad here! My madness has rational. There is a method to my madness but this regime seems to be dancing to a song in the heavenlies.

Madness! Madness! madness! yes we are definitely madder than I first thought if we sit down and watch this madness continue without a check.
Alas the voice of reason and conscience to every well-meaning Nigerian I appeal to, to stop this madness!

You can reach Isaacola AA on twitter@newnaija and @TT007newnaija

Special thanks to @aipoh01 for his contributions.


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