INTERFACE by Isaacola AA

In betwixt consciousness and the lull of deathly “ileku”. There stood the amorphous fierce and fear inducing masquerade. With out- drawn sword glittering with the blood of the vanquished slain. The form and formliness is beyond human reasoning power to conjure in perfect words.

Eyes bulging like a radiant sun in its peak of smiling. Mouth agape uttering indecipherable “ofo” of the initiated. “Yamu yamu, aijekuloni bamgbusha” . Oh my God am I sliding into eternal sleep of death.

Then I noticed the formless forming face changing into the face of my paternal and maternal grandfathers. Is this true? Am I truly dead or dying? Somebody help! Am too young to go like this…

Running away I try, but all my muscles seem cramped. Exerting myself to the limit but my exertion seems to be grounding me the more in an inglorious spot. Muscles tensed, sweat oozing from every available orifice, heart beating as if it will burst, words forming rapidly in my head but swallowed up by the burning in my throat…

Oh my God, it is just a nightmare.

You can reach Isaacola AA on twitter@newnaija and @TT007newnaija

Ileku is Igala word for “it is dead”
Ofo is Ekiti word for words or incantation
Yamu yamu… Is the masquerade language in the south west Nigeria

Special thanks to APO ( Alimi Prudence Oluwatoyin )


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