The diary of “The Abused ” III by Isaacola AA


Swiftly without warning, she pounced on me. Calling me unimaginable derogatory names; a never do well, ill luck, nincompoop , educated illiterate, imbecile and so on… And to crown it all, she did not stop at tongue lashing me, she capped it with a slap and then burst into tears!

When did we descend to this abysmal pit! What happened to the lady that practically worshiped every step I took?

It all started blissfully three years ago. The now cliche love at first sight. We met at a business meeting where I was representing my company as a consultant to hers. We ended up on the altar after six months of dating. We were happy and we planned for a lifetime together. Those days were my best. The smiles, cuddles, whispers, stroll, games……..all seemed like a century ago now.

Trouble started when I decided to start private practice. She was promoted in the office with several perks as dessert. While still thanking God for the timely promotion which will ease the strain of a business at the teething stage, a big chip suddenly developed on my darling wife’s shoulder.

I was stylishly condemned to do house chore because I don’t want a help. It did not end there as I became the one doing laundry, the household menial jobs and to top it all I am the chef in my house. All these because I have total control of my time and moreso, my office is close to the house.

My greatest challenge is how she denies me of sex. In my early thirties and in search of a child I can call mine, being denied sex for close to a year is a big deal. She is always tired and weak. One excuse after the other and her new rule of sleeping in different beds has driven my suffering to new heights. I can’t take this no more.

I’m practically a slave in my house and the only consolation I should have cushioned myself with is not even forthcoming. This is not the way it should be and this is never what I bargained for. I’m calling it quits.

My wife is married to her job and her boss and I think she will have a loving divorce from me if my sanity will be kept intact.

The rain of abuse that fall in our home now is unimaginable all because I demand for what is rightly mine and. a little reason why she comes so late and tired everyday, including weekends. Her phone is filled with so many strange names like plumber, carpenter, vulcanizer and so on which is driving me crazy. I’m the one who settles these people in our home and the numbers don’t even correspond!

I qiut…

To be continued

You can reach Isaacola AA on twitter@newnaija and @TT007newnaija

Many thanks to @deboadejugbe for his contributions.

This is purely fiction mixed with true life experiences here and there.

3 thoughts on “The diary of “The Abused ” III by Isaacola AA

  1. Hian! This abused man ur wife is cheating on u o but then again I might be wrong. First and foremost get a steward to help with house chores. Then talk to her about the sex issue. Remind her of the hot gals who have been trying to sleep with u in the workplace, then tell her that if she doesn’t start giving u the honey pot u cooked with bride price recipe that u just might consider going to sample those scarlet temptresses. I hope the threat works tho. Good luck!


    1. Forgive me but I believe that this is a potentially dangerous response.
      Firstly, I am a very strong advocate of men helping around the house.
      Secondly, sleeping with someone you suspect is unfaithful is extremely dangerous.
      Third, prayer is and always should be the very first key.


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