The diary of “The Abused ” IV by Isaacola AA


I am done; off I go to sow my wild oars where it will be appreciated. What kind of a hellish woman is this? A witch I call my wife. Is this what they call marriage? I think not.

Wedlock is not padlock!

We got married barely a year ago. All was okay until the wedding night when my wife started giving me excuses about how tired she was from the preparations preceding the ceremony to the stress on the actual wedding day. Though as a man, I was neither a saint nor a sinner. I was neither a virgin nor have I been intimate with more than two women all my life, this was donkey years ago while in my teens. I let go so she could regain her strength; what’s one night off compared to a life time of unlimited access?

The following days and week was clouded with excuses of headache, backache, menstrual cramps and the list can’t be exhausted. I still maintained the status quo even when all my friends were pestering me to share my exploits of the wedding night and the first week of marriage. I had no story to tell and was left with improvising concocted stories to douse their inquisitiveness.

Eleven months after the glorious wedding, it is still the same story. No one to run to. Why in God’s name will I be a bachelor’s in my matrimonial home?

Is she afraid? Dunno! Is she rigid? Can’t say! Was she abused sexually when she was young? I can’t answer because I don’t know and I’ve tried several times to let her talk to me. She has bluntly refused to see a professional who can help us ride this together.

I’m starved of my basic human need as a married man and I’m tempted to go out! I’m not even inclined to continue in this marriage. It’s pushing me further and further towards breaking my vow.

This is hell in a supposed heaven.

To be continued

Isaacola AA can be reached on twitter @newnaija and @TT007newnaija
Watch out for the wife’s version of this marriage episode, don’t jump into conclusion because…
Many thanks to APO and @deboadejugbe for their contributions.

This is just a fictional work with mixture of true life experiences.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated

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