How I wish… by Isaacola AA

If wishes were horses, beggars will definitely ride it.

After watching all that is unfolding in Nigeria, I cannot but pray that these wishes will become horse(s) so I can ride it to Eldorado.

How I wish APC will come out with a powerful manifesto that will contain a magic wand that will dethrone the king called corruption currently bedeviling my country.

How I wish Nigerian politics will rise up above sentiment, tribalism, nepotism, mediocrity and so on and embrace meritocracy in all facets of our National life.

How I wish, our teaming youths will leave their various schools with zeal and zest for the fatherland, knowing fully that the government cares and that existing institutions have wheels that are well oiled and devoid of the twin devil of corruption and tribalism before they are catered for!

How I wish, our youths will stop just sitting down criticising the government but get up and do something about the ills plaguing the land.

How I wish the next government will fix our roads, fix education, fix aviation, fix power and above all, our dead and dying refineries. Am I asking too much? Definitely not, in my candid opinion.

How I wish true nationalists, detribalised and visionary people will arise in the land and salvage what if left from this sinking ship call Nigeria.

Is it possible? Yes I believe painstakingly that it is possible for Nigeria to rise out of this conundrum we find ourselves; if you and I will put in our best and man our bit with all sincerity and integrity of the heart.

It is possible! Yes we can.

Up Nigeria, Up Eagles, if the Eagles can make yes we can as a Nation make it.

Isaacola AA can be reached on twitter@newnaija and @TT007newnaija

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