The dairy of “The Abused” VI by Isaacola AA

Abused children almost always end up as an abuser in their adult life. (A Psychologist’s view)

If the above statement is true and holds valid,then I will look to breaking the cycle of abuse in my children.

I grew up in a polygamous setup. Fuji house of commotion is the perfect description of what happened while growing up. The younger ones are abused physically by the older ones.

Sexually explicit and suggestive scenes were also a feature in our everyday life. We had to cover up an abuse case; Mum said it was an abomination to make it know, with total disregard for the psychological well being of the abused. That was the setting I grew up with; sibling rivalry, wayward and unfavourable judgments, half truth and outright lies were the rule of the game then.

I had an unhealthy dose of all the abuses because, as the last child of the youngest wife, was a target. Now, I am married to a lovely husband, the dream of every lady BUT once or twice a month, after his hanging out with the boys, he will always come home drunk, turn every moving object into a punching bag and the end result he will pounce on me and have his way brutally with total disregard for my feelings.

This is the story of my life. I have been living like this for almost six years now. He becomes a gentleman after every abuse, until the next one occurs.

What should I do now please, can someone help?

He confided in me, in one of his sober moments, that his dad was a picture of a beast while they were growing up. He beats every moving thing and made the mum cry endlessly. I’m caught up in this devilish cycle of abuse.

I’m living with an Angel and a Demon! It depends on which part he settles on when he gets home.

Living a fear! Yeah, that’s my life.

This is purely fiction with a mixture of some true life experiences.

Isaacola AA can be reached on twitter @newnaija and @TT007newnaija

2 thoughts on “The dairy of “The Abused” VI by Isaacola AA

  1. Hmmmm,pray,pray,pray…….I mean to sound religious and no apologies for it. I will advise every lady both single and married to get this book: The power of a praying wife”. In this kind of situation,the way forward is to pray for the man without ceasing, it works. Praying for him will make you be able to continue loving him despite all and he will stop the alcohol.


  2. It’s not like prayer cannot do things.But where U are praying from is wot matters-afterall,prayer doesnot know distance.I say dis as regard d abused wife-She can b praying for d husband from her father’s house to avoid being killed by her husband b4 d prayers are answered-she can just b visiting and neva pass d nite since his demons come alive at nite!
    U wil surely know when he has repented!


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