Hilarious but true IV by Isaacola AA


Swinging backsides of varying shapes and sizes, gyrating to heavenly rhythms with various see-through garments popularly known as ‘sutana’, flowing to the cherubic beat with ECSTACY.

Jaelika ma sunkunfajaikala, turamalaika, elijahelielija !

Jahelo, elo, Jahelo, elo…

I was utterly “flabberwhelmed”

Yours truly was witnessing, first hand, glorious worship from a white garmented church.

This was my first experience of ‘spirit catching people’ as it is popularly termed. In an unbelievable manner, especially for someone like me, coming from the reserved Deeper Christian Life Church cum Christ Apostolic Church.

Can’t believe both sexes can intermix and dance with reckless abandon to the spirit induced beat accompanied by various acoustic percussions. Wow! No wonder the who is who in the music industry almost always come from these churches or one way or the other gone through them. With my subdued nature, I couldn’t but be wowed by the dancing which was, extremely provocative, to put it mildly.

To cap it all up, prophecies in arabic language or something close to it were flowing up and down in a way I have never witnessed in my life. Oh, yours truly was in a world I never imagined existed before.

In the first place, what brought you here you will ask? Yours truly actually went for thanksgiving service of my step mum in the early nineties after she survived a gruesome motor accident and I cannot forget this experience. Every other time I remembered this, I can’t but laugh out loud.

To be continued…

I’m @newnaija and @TT007newnaija on twitter

3 thoughts on “Hilarious but true IV by Isaacola AA

  1. My mum was in white garment Church for 40 yrs but she’s a tongue-speaking-minister of d gospel now at CHRIST EMBASSY through my EVANGELISM-BY-INTERCESSION.


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