Tade and Nkechi – Isaacola AA

“Tade! Tade!! Tade!!! I’m warning you now, you need to visit a doctor or else…” She started. “..You may not meet me at home finally!”

“What! My wife threatening me? She is packing out of my home today! My docile wife who practically worship anywhere I stepped! Unbelievable. Something drastic must be done or I will …” My thoughts.

A whole me! Tade the lion of the jungle. In my secondary school, I was the king then, no babe can stand my brain power, my deep pocket and to cap it all my incredible physique allowed me to pick the best among the babes right from junior classes.

Fast forward to the University of Lagos, I was the toast of every party I attended. I saw and conquered them all. Name the hostel in school, I mean the ladies’ hostel that I had not slept in -in the comfort of one, two or three ladies. In fact, some lecturers tested my wild oats to understand why the ladies were all crazy about it.

I graduated from Unilag and almost immediately got a good job in an oil servicing company. I was living in the fast lane, hustling all parties and making acquaintances with all manners of ladies.

Trouble started when I got introduced to hard drugs, excessive alcoholic beverage consumption and marijuana all in a bid to maintain fast lifestyle I’ve been used to. All was moving on at the speed of light and the world became my stage. I acted well and enjoyed every bit.

Even after marriage to my wonderful Nkechi.” I was choping the life of my head” as the Yoruba man will say but I never knew I was damaging my body with my riotous living.

It started to dawn on me after losing our first pregnancy due to the stress my wife’s demanding job was having on her and the doctor had to advise us that she should rest for a while and that I should slow down a bit. I took two weeks off from work to tend to my Nkechi but alas, after a week of nursing her, she demanded for her right.

Lion himself, I decide to give it to her like never before and that was the beginning of the woes. Local government parked up like a knocked generator!

“Wetin?” she asked? After she noticed it was taking forever to rouse the sleeping giant from its slumber!

“It’s the stress jare” I told her. “Tomorrow I will take you to cloud nine.” She knew me as the Lion before, therefore she was not unnecessarily concerned.

I turned into a real problem after a whole one week, “John Thomas” refused to rise to the occasion. That was when it dawned on me, something was really WRONG.

We have been on this case for six month now without any progress and I am scared to see a medical professional because I know the kind of lifestyle I have lived. After an ultimatum from my wife, I decided to see a doctor to seek help.
The verdict of the doctor after all the test and diagnosis is “I have erectile dysfunction” as a result of the abuses my body had gone through. How can I abuse myself? The doctor explained to me in plain terms: hard drugs, excessive use of viagra, excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks and not taking enough rest as a result of night clubbing; they were all factors making my body slow down.

“Any remedy?” I asked “I’m a young man of thirty eight years and my wife is yet to have a baby. Please Doctor what can I do?”

“There is a glimmer of hope for you but…” The Doctor started.

…….To be continued.

PS: It is purely fiction with some element of true life story here and there.

I’m @newnaija and @TT007newnaija on twitter

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