The diary of ‘The Abused’ VII – Isaacola AA

I lost my parents to ghastly motor accident in an early age of five. From that time, I was moved from one family member to the other like a luggage changing hands at will. Introduced to child labour at a very young age, I was exposed to pornography by my older cousins and finally introduced to the ultimate; sex at the tender age of nine. As if that was not enough for a young girl, I was introduced to drugs. The one to keep from getting pregnant and the ones to keep me numb no matter the number of men I had to sleep with per day!!!

The story of my life is a series of one calamity to another. Going from bad situation to worst. Moving from an abusive aunty to an abusive uncle and then to a cousin finally as a sex hawker! Can you imagine anything worse happened to any living mortal? I doubt it!

I suffered emotional, psychological, physical abuses. Anything bad happening around me is always blamed on me as I was referred to as “mammy water” because of my fair skin and my unfortunate history of trailing evil.

Along the line, I met a guy who loved me despite having a glimpse of my past. He is asking my hand in marriage but I am afraid to open up to him that my past is uglier than ugly, more painful than pain itself. The truth is I am born again and I believe I have been forgiven by God.

How do I explain my ugly past to this God-fearing and easy-going gentleman? I am torn in between letting him go or opening up to him that I was worse than a whore in my past life!

Candid advice is badly needed.

The story as usual is a blend of true life and fiction.

Tade and Nkechi episodes will continue after this next week. Thanks
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4 thoughts on “The diary of ‘The Abused’ VII – Isaacola AA

  1. When God forgives, nothing is impossible. However, common sense dictates that she reveal everything about her past to the man who intends to marry her so that he’s not taken unawares. If she expects him to spend the rest of her life with her, she owes him a total explanation of her past so he knows what he is getting into. The right guy will look beyond all that considering the fact that it wasn’t really her fault that she went through what she did. She was just a victim of very bad circumstances and for the fact that she rose above that is a sign of greatness.

    However, if after such revelation and the guy up and leaves, she should hold on to God. Mr Right will definitely come eventually.


  2. You are now a new creature, behold old things have past away and all thing have become new. Tell him cos if the says is your husband he will definitely be yours. Don’t be scare cos d lord is on your side if truely you’re born again.


  3. Well,I believe you Said it all in your sentence ‘God-fearing and easy-going gentleman’. If he is what you say he is,he’ll digest and love You through it all. You need to tell him all about it. If what you fear is loosing him after sharing the story,then imagine what shall happen when he discovers the truth himself. If you’ll be sharing forever with him,then trust me,forever is long enough for your past to come haunt you if you don’t share now. Tell him all about it.


  4. Once our dear friend has forgiven herself, the job is half done. All whatever happened in the past is just 1 of the things we have to pass through in the journey of life, which varies from individual to the other. That said, I believe she should tell the young man everything, everything without holding back anything. If he stays good, if he doesn’t, the man who will take her with all what happened in the past will come along. It is well


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