Faith series VI by APO- Alimi Prudence Oluwatoyin


Everywhere believers are gathered, the subject of faith is
inevitably in the discuss. It is something we are encouraged to have but it is so sad that with all the analysis of the word faith and the concept of operating in it, fear has taken the centre picture in almost every facets of our life as a believer.

Fear is more acceptable in our world than faith; even those who call
themselves optimists operate more in fear in reality…This reminds me of Hab 2:1. “I will stand me upon my watch, to see what He will say to me”. Our ability to see what God says to us through his Word in print,in Speech and in our inner man will determine how we overcome the prevailing fear of faith.
Faith is popular in theory than in practice; a sad reality of our time.
Heb 11:1 clearly states that “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the
evidence of things not seen. Looking at this passage with the eyes of our mind raises the question “Is the word contradicting itself?” The answer is simply NO. The phrase ‘the evidence of things not seen’ is a pointer to the
truth that faith SEES the invisible TOUCHES the intangible BRING reality to what we hoped for….

Before God said let there be light He had seen it, touched it and it is as real to HIM as anything! As believers through the power of the Holy Spirit we can SEE GOD’S WORD and TOUCH it. We hear what he says,we see
it and we have it. The power of our imagination is immensely
unquantifiable. Eph 3:20 There is a power at work within us that enables the word to become flesh. As we commune with him daily let us remember that as He is so are we in this world then we will see ourselves doing exploits and we will fulfill the scriptures which says Greater works shall ye do.


Thank God its another saturday with another perspective to the subject of Faith. See you again next saturday possibly with another writer. Thanks

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