Tade and Nkechi 2 – Isaacola AA

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…This is certainly not what I hoped for in this bloody marriage! How will I ever be respected among my “Gs” when I have to live on water! No more alcohol and to crown it all, the lost libido is back fully, but regrettably miscarriage has come to stay in the last two years!

What happened and how am to explain this, after five years of marriage and a drastic change of lifestyle.

He kept thinking to himself.

Tade sighed heavily as he watched his fair skinned angelic wife, sleeping, beside him on their palatial matrimonial bed. Finally he succumbed to the teeny hands of sleep in the wee hours of the morning.

Nkechi, after the fourth miscarriage, has finally agreed with herself to see a leading gynecologist. It was eating her up; she had to contend with pressure from both her parents and Tade’s.

“Afternoon Doc” Nkechi said as she sat in front of the doctor who could not hide his grin, remembering those days when they were cosy, during his semester breaks whenever he was in Lagos then.

“Nkem! What happened to you? see my baby girl is now all grown up. Wow! your face! I never thought I will see this pretty face again after that last traumatic abor…..”

“Doc please, let bygone be bygone. I am a married woman now and I can see that you have a wedding ring on finger too. Let’s just face the business of the day.” She abruptly cut into the doctor’s reeling of the past.

The doctor seemed to understand and immediately shifted gear to a professional again.

“Mrs I will need your medical background and a brief question into your present situation.”

“Sorry Doc, my family doctor sent my medical files to your clinic yesterday. I’m sure the parts left out before I got married, you can fill it in by yourself since you are a conspicuous part of that era gone bye”

Nkechi said with a sarcastic smile on her face.

“Please madam, let’s do this and put all the blame game in the past.”

She was thoroughly examined by the doctor who could not hide his fondness of the body that used to be his, exclusively some years back. The glint in his eyes were obvious and the bulge in his trouser too, he couldn’t hide but all the same he did what needed to be done as professionally possible as he could.

Doctor Sylva began in a fatherly manner devoid of emotion as he explained to her that she has what is called ‘incompetent cervix’. In a layman language, it means a “weak cervical muscle” which was responsible for all those four miscarriages. These could be a result of her several abortions, the kind of life she lived in the past or just a natural defect in her makeup.

“It is manageable and it will require a small procedure involving tightening the cervical opening whenever you are pregnant again.” The doctor concluded.

She was asked to come in the sixth to tenth week after discovering her next pregnancy.

The awkwardness of the situation was just too much for her. She looked down trying to avoid anything that could distract her thoughts.

“So my misdemeanor of a decade ago can still come to bite me in the ass! I hope everything will be alright Sylva? Thanks for trying to fix what you damaged a decade ago, best of luck to both of us!”

Doctor Sylva was dumbfounded and rooted to the spot with an opened mouth. Not a single word came out.

To be continued…

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