Man inhumanity against man by Isaacola AA

On my way to work at Apapa this morning, I witnessed an unbelievable sight. I won’t give up until a sense a decorum and decency appear in our many but ineffective paramilitary outfits in Lagos.

Today being tuesday is Aswani Market Day, somewhere around Five Star Bus Stop along Oshodi Apapa Expressway. The bus I boarded slowed down to drop some passengers off when a LASTMA official without uniform jumped in as if he was passenger. All of a sudden, he started dragging the steering with the driver who swerved towards the express road and we were duly cleared off the road by a speeding trailer.

Yours truly was seated in the front seat and the sheer force of the collision moved the driver and deposited him on my lap.

For goodness sake, why on earth will LASTMA be dragging the steering wheel with a moving vehicle?! What was the offense of the driver that the lives of almost fifteen passengers is that worthless?! Before we could say Jack Robinson, the LASTMA officer jumped into a waiting police\LASTMA vehicle and zoomed off!

This is just the case of man’s inhumanity against man. Thank God no life was lost. Your truly lost his balance and have been hearing noise in my ears since morning.

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2 thoughts on “Man inhumanity against man by Isaacola AA

  1. In Lagos Nigeria,using ur car to hit and run on LASTMA officials like dat is not sin but self defense,deserved-act!
    I know I’m wrong but dat’s wot I wil do if God does not stop me supernaturally like He did when Abraham raised his hands to dagger his son Isaac!


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