Faith series VII by Isaacola AA


..By faith, Moses refused to be called Pharaoh daughter’s son….
Hebrews 11

Today we are looking at faith from another perspective. We are used to faith that always receive, claim and or accept ; but we will be looking at faith that REFUSES today.

Sometimes we have this understanding of faith, which in my opinion is warped, that all we think of when the subject of faith is in discuss is “I receive” “I claim” “breakthrough” “miracle” etc but we should also open up our heart of understanding to the fact that sometimes our faith may lead us into the honourable path of refusing some so called good things of life, in order to stay true to our calling.

Pharaoh’s daughter adopted Moses as her son but when the time came, Moses had to rise above convenience and immediate gratification and REFUSED to be called “a son of Pharaoh” or rightly put an heir to the Pharaonic throne.

Some would have thought it reasonable for him to stay in the palace and effect changes ‘from the top,’ after all, its about delivering the Israelites that is the goal! This sounds quite logical but Moses understood that some things are not done that way.

You and I must get to a point in our faith walk where we will know, it will definitely cause us to lose some things temporarily, for the excellency of Christ. We must go out of our comfort zones like Moses had to do here and father Abraham was a perfect example as well. In the new testament view, he had already sacrificed his son Isaac in God’s perspective.

Is your faith hinged on receiving alone! Claiming alone! Wake up brethren,. Let’s step it up! There is a dimension of faith that refuses.

Your faith must get to a level that it will cause you to REFUSE something.

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Faith series comes up every saturday by God’s grace and from time to time we will be having different writers.

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