Face me, I slap U “5” – Isaacola AA

As we look into our faulty and convoluted structure called “Face me, I slap you”, let us have a look at another scenario today. As earlier stated in the series, most times poverty and lack of government will to enforce discipline whatsoever in any form resulted in uncontrolled building with little or any thought for …


Hilarity — Isaacola AA





Its good to laugh to douse all these tension soaked country. Laugh they say does much good to the heart than any medicine.

I am a passionate Nigeria that believe in equity, justice and fairness but I took it on myself never to allow my going through affect my going to for the obvious reason of maintaining my sanity.

Let’s go! I was traveling to see my parents sometime in 1999 from school . I was at UNAD then, in case you are interested (winks). I boarded a bus as usual and was ready for the tumultuous four hours journey to Ilorin that entailed passing through numerous death traps and winding sharp bending bottle necked roads. Um, traveling to Ilorin from Ekiti land can sometimes require you to read Psalm 91 and 23 or if you are a muslim reading “Yaasin” and “Dabatiada”. The road then was quite…

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