Face me, I slap you

As we start a new quarter, let us have a look at the common scenario especially in the urban setup with its attendant accommodation problem. Face me – I slap you is a common phenomenon and has come to stay at least for now. The term which is used interchangeably with face me – I slap you, is a one room or two room apartment with a common bathroom and toilet for the use of all occupants in the building.

Sometimes, the general passage is doubly used as the kitchen with every tenant cooking in the front of his or her frontage or backyard as the case may be. The situation is sometime akin to chaos and if care is not taken, it can easily degenerate into a family feud.

After the lucid painting of what a face me – I slap you setting is, let’s now prepare our mind for a weekly episodes of what happens, happened or is happening in such setting!

A word of caution; face me – I slap you is not the best place to be except you are just passing through that phase of life where you just have to make do with what is available.

There was a time in my life I stayed in such a setting and wallahi, it was not a pleasant experience. Imagine small boys drilling holes in the female part of the bathroom to take a peep at someone bathing at the other end; open-heaven bathroom (roof less) constructed with corrugated roofing sheets! It isn’t funny, I tell you. The boys were so carried away with what they were watching that an adult walked into the bathroom without them noticing until double decked slap woke them up from their reverie and they scampered out disgraced. Just pray it doesn’t happen to your wife or family member because its a very common experience faced by those living under that kind of arrangement!

Prepare as we start digging into some of the most unpalatable experiences in a Face me – I slap you setup.

Yours truly

@newnaija on twitter

Your contributions is welcomed, especially if you have intriguing story that happened in the set up.

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