Get Doing by Isaacola AA

It is easy complaining what someone is doing wrong or bad! It’s easy being a perpetual critic that find nothing good in others! It is easy sitting on the fence casting aspersion on people getting their hands dirty in doing something! Mind you it is easier said than done!

The good book said in the “Acts” in the very first chapter: what Jesus began to DO and to teach.

We the youth of nowadays reverse the scripture. We are loud and very loud on social media, blogging to antagonize every move of the presidency -though this particular C in C deserve it with his “mismanage-mental” management style-, blindly a times criticizing without any proffered solution. When it comes to action, we are always missing.

We get jittery and go underground.

It is high time we get real, as Debo Adejugbe rightly put it starkly in his article on Y!Naija ( Social Media popularity does not translate into actual votes during election. As difficult a pill as the statement is, it’s the bitter truth.

Let’s stop agonizing and start organizing! Let’s harness our strength and vigor into Doing and stop complaining, or we can complain for the sake of building coalitions to do something. Ask some of us that are so loud on SM the name of our local councilors or the chairman of our Local Governments; you will be disappointed how much of illiteracy run through our educated youth system.

It’s time to toe the line of our talk if actually we are looking for a new Naija in our lifetime. It’s time to do.

When we leave politics in the hands of crooks, how on earth do we expect them to play it straight? When the best of us, people of proven honesty and integrity shun politics- who will be there to save our society!

Let’s come together and utilize our collective dissatisfaction to the status quo and do something meaningful to the betterment of our Land

I’m @newnaija on twitter
Join me and like mind as we discuss apathy of youth to politics on Friday, 5th April in the evening on Twitter.


One Reply to “Get Doing by Isaacola AA”

  1. Lovely piece bro. I pray our social media activists, bloggers; myself included do the needful and dive in and get our hands dirty. Talking, criticizing and writing doesn’t so much.


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