Faith series VIII – Isaacola AA

Now faith is…
Hebrews 11

The scripture above says; now faith ‘IS’ not ‘was’ Not ‘will be’

Faith is now my brothers and sisters. We as human tend to put faith in the future especially when it seems that the desired result is not forthcoming. We are quick to rationalize it to the nearest future. The scripture above states emphatically that faith IS not ‘was’ and not ‘will be’

As we look at every possible angle to FAITH, a central theme of our walk with God. We should be careful to appropriate it to the now. In the story of Lazarus’ death. Mary told Jesus that if he were there, his brother Lazarus wouldn’t have died. Jesus replied her that “if anyone believes in him, though he die , he will live again”. Mary like most of the believers of our time quickly answered that he will resurrect in the last day!

Is that not the picture of you and I? We seem to think when we are overwhelmed by our situations and circumstances that God is complicit because he ‘came late’ and now our situation has deteriorated from worse to worst! Alas God is never late and he is always at the peak of his power.

Jesus asked a pertinent question from Mary to see if she was operating in the same frequency with HIM. Do you believe?

Stop pushing your faith to the futuristic default mode. Faith is now! As long as it is the will of God, faith language is now. Get off your lethargic resolve and get into active fruitful mode of exercising your faith now!

If you believe Lazarus will rise now. You can speak to those seemingly unyielding mountains in your life by faith now!

The cycle of addiction is broken now.
The cycle of ‘nearly’ is broken now.
Your future is bright regardless of your past failings.
Get up from your sick bed, you are healed! Not going to be healed but healed! Hallelujah!

Now, faith is…

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Every saturday,by God’s grace we will be having Faith series.


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