Face me, I slap U “2” – Isaacola AA

Read Episode 1 here

As we begin from last week to look at some of the happenings in “face me, I slap you”, this week, we will be looking at a different angle to the twists and turns synonymous with that setting.

Poverty is bad and should be rejected with all its numerous accomplices. Today we will be focusing on a family of four (a dad, mum with a boy and a girl) for which we designate as Mr and Mrs XYZ for the sake of this piece.

Mr and Mrs XYZ lived in a ” face me, I slap you” setting in one of the high-density parts of Lagos. The man is a low income earner; a typical government worker whilst the wife does all manner of buying and selling depending on the seasonal selling product. Suffice it to say Mr and Mrs XYZ leave early and come back late in the evening.

One of my teachers in secondary school once postulated that poverty increases population since the only affordable recreational activity for a poor man is pummeling the wife on bed after a hard day at work. Initially I disagreed with all seriousness but now I agree totally to his theorem. After a heavy traffic commute back from work by the man and the tiresome hawking after an unproductive business day by the wife to make ends meet, both collapse on the bed oblivious of their unsleeping and ever-peeping children watching the day’s exhaustive love making in their one room apartment. Most times the parents assume the children are asleep but lo and behold, sleeping they are not!

The neighbors started noticing that the boy and his sister were seldom seen outside even after school hours when most children were seen roaming the “yard”. Before long, their ever suspicious “Mama Silifa” soon caught the boy and the girl practicing the “games” daddy and mummy played most night.

Eewo! Ai gbo!
Abomicontinent! This is unheard of!

Mama Silifa screamed and after questioning the kids, the neighbors discovered that, this so called “abomiplanet” has been happening for the past four years.

To complicate the matter further, the fourteen year old girl is pregnant for her eleven year old sibling.

Whallahi talahi, poverty is “badder” than you can ever imagine. Face-me-I-slap-you isn’t the best place for rearing children!

I’m @newnaija on twitter

It is a true life story!

Every week, we will be having an episode of “Face me, I slap U”.

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