Amnesty for ALL – Isaacola AA

I have been saying it for the past three years that the Niger Delta Amnesty program will embolden other groups to seek arm and then, later ask for amnesty.

I also said then that OPC, Egbesu boys and Boko Haram will ask for amnesty as a way of partaking in sharing the national cake.

Now all the above seems to be coming true with the suddenness of lightning!

I am not a prophet of doom, but the handwritings were very clear on the wall for every one that can decipher it. Now, “Ansaru” or whatever their name is will kill too, maim, bomb and vandalize. Consequently, they will ask for amnesty.

Like every serious minded person, we need a clear cut vision on policies we embrace, both at home and the foreign front. We are having motion without progress – like a rocking chair. We are a nation that celebrates mediocrity, sectionalism, and corruption with fanfare. We eschew everything that will move us forward and embrace every evil that can be conceived by men.

We grant state pardons to known thieves and unrepentant kleptos. We grant militants juicy defense contract, play politics with nearly everything imaginable and we really want to move forward? The WordPlay involved in proclaiming to all that cared to listen about “transformation agenda” is robust, incredible and soundbitingly awesome, but then it only exist only in our imaginations.

The handwriting is clear on the wall. There should be amnesty for all so as to have a smooth sail come 2015 – is that not the plan? Like my friend @saymalcom on twitter rightly said “I am a terrorist and I needed amnesty! My pen is my arsenal …” Truckloads of money will soon be shipped to social media terrorists, especially on Twitter, to soften their barrage of attacks when the time comes.

Hear me, thus say Isaacola NewNaija, money will fail and the birth of a new dawn is coming. Are you prepared to be a militant for that change? Your amnesty is your vote and how you decide to use it to the benefit of this country is the reward. Let’s rise!

I’m @newnaija on twitter


Very sorry we couldn’t have twitter conversation last week Friday, but by God’s grace we will be having the discussion about youth participation in politics this friday 12th April 2013 around 6pm.

3 thoughts on “Amnesty for ALL – Isaacola AA

  1. Number 1-Nigeria was not ripe for INDEPENDENCE in 1960.It should have been in 1980.Dat 20yrs of whiteman’s management and influence would hav made NIGERIA to be like SOUTH AFRICA of 2day.Our INDEPENDENT time forefathers were too greedy and hasty,trying to copy GHANA who had earlier caught d INDEPENDENCE fever.
    Number 2-Nigeria was not ripe for DEMOCRACY.Dis country needs MILITARY RULE to adjust our civil ego and purge our inner civilian devils.


    1. Femi, I don’t entirely agree that the nation wasn’t ripe for independence by the year 1960 though I agree with you that those who obtained our own declaration of independence were supposed to be patriarchs but they were at best babies still seeking and sucking the breast milk of comfort which could only be satisfied by greed.

      What Nigeria needs is not MILITARY RULE either, because if you knew what the military did to this country, guy, you would weep to stupor. Have you ever heard or seen a country where their national treasure was given as gifts to friends, pals, girl-friends etc, that was a little the military did with our oil wells, did you ever hear of proper screening, bidding and sorts for national assignments or jobs during the military era?

      I believe what Nigeria needs are revolutionists, first individuals who are not partisan revolters, or rioters but people whose minds are sane, whose bellies are not hungry for material wealth, whose eyes are fixed on building a better place for the generations we would not even live to see….people bold enough to step out of their comfort zones and do things because of the future and not just the present time.

      We need people who would die to self because of the future of this country, people skilled and masters in their profession and chosen fields, people whose presence would command international respect, people who can come together not not be served but to serve, individuals like yourself and myself, people who would read this tweet and read the re-tweets, people who would start from their own lives, making it better, becoming the best they can be so that when they speak people would listen.

      Just check this out, Manny Pacquiao a professional boxer who is also into big time politics in his country, George Weah an accomplished footballer who contested the presidential section in his homeland and got a second voting rounds, an Obama who built his legacy through the the things he was doing, an Oprah who has a movement by virtue of being so good in what she does….talkshow.

      Guy, by the time we take up that responsibility first for our lives, becoming the best we ought to be in the things we choose and not losing focus on where we want this country to be, then each person would be able to change things at his own level and sphere of influence and the nation would ultimately change.

      This would take a long time, but no permanent change happens suddenly, remember the greatest thing that can happen to a man is to change the way he reasons and this takes a lifetime.

      Change doesn’t come from the top but from changing elemental and elementary things at the base.


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