Faith series IX – Isaacola AA

…Show me your faith without work and I will show you my faith by my works…
James 2:18

Many times we profess our faith and act contrary to what we are professing. As sad as it is, that is the reality with many of us professing faith.

I learnt about a decade ago in the university that when your confession does not align with actions, the so called profession\confession of faith cannot and will never be fruitful ( no good result will come out of such faith).

Whenever our action doesn’t correspond to our confessed faith, its like boiling your seed or pouring acid on your seed before planting it- such seed will not even germinate let alone bear fruit.

For our faith to be fruitful, we need to walk the talk ! You can’t be talking of believing God’s for you at the same time behaving otherwise.

The three Hebrew boys said God will deliver them and even if He chooses not to, they will not bow to the golden image. That is absolute trust in the Lord! Not having an alternative plan in case God fails.

Are you trusting God fully or its a case of trusting Him in ‘addition to’? Its time to put “all your egg in one basket, trusting Him wholeheartedly. He doesn’t disappoint those that trust in him. As you confess your faith, let your action correspond with your faith profession!


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