Tade and Nkechi 3 – Isaacola AA

For Episode 2 read http://t.co/apBrkrNwUO For Episode 1 read http://t.co/93ZD2BKoK8 "Tade! Tade!! My water has broken....eh! Ah, are you hearing me?!" Nkechi screamed into the night with a voice that sounded more animal than human. "Oh no! Hold on now; can't you see the time?" The grunt emanating from the recess of his throat drowned … Continue reading Tade and Nkechi 3 – Isaacola AA

Face me, I slap U “3” – Isaacola AA

Read Episode 1 here http://t.co/mclT768Ark Read Episode 2 here http://t.co/oTrRvtqDBi Poverty is almost always the reason most people make do with face me-I slap you but the absurdity can sometimes be so much for a sane person to comprehend at times. Imagine a building in Ajegunle area, notoriously known as the king of slums and … Continue reading Face me, I slap U “3” – Isaacola AA