Tade and Nkechi 3 – Isaacola AA

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“Tade! Tade!! My water has broken….eh! Ah, are you hearing me?!” Nkechi screamed into the night with a voice that sounded more animal than human.

“Oh no! Hold on now; can’t you see the time?” The grunt emanating from the recess of his throat drowned the words before they could surface and he started snoring almost immediately. He shifted to the other side of the bed to continue the early morning sleep but it was cut short with a good slap followed by a mouthful bite of the flesh above the fifth rib.

“Ehhhhhhsh! What’s happening?” He shouted. Sleep evaporated from him when he finally saw his wife in a pool of her own blood!

With the swiftness of an eagle, he scooped his wife in one swoop and dragged the already packed bag. Within the next ten minutes, he was speeding towards the specialist hospital.

Different thoughts crossed his mind as the events happening in the past decade begin to cascade down and percolate in slow motion in his agile and fertile mind.

On getting to the hospital, fortune smiled on him as the renowned Doctor Sylva was on duty. Nkechi was wheeled to the theatre and the Doctor in company of well-trained Nurses filed into the theatre, leaving Tade alone with his thoughts and God!

Will God be merciful enough to me by granting my angel a safe delivery, he thought. He began to roam about and as he did, the faces of the young girls he had got to aborted babies for him without bathing an eyelid begin to flash one after the other in his mind eye.

“Please God, have mercy on me and spare my wife. I promise I will turn a new leaf totally if you can help me by sparing my wife.” He prayed. He was in deep thought and prayer. He was semi-conscious from supplication and fatigue when someone tapped him.

“Mr Tade, congratulations! You are now the proud father of a bouncing baby girl. I am Dr. T . A. Sylva.” He tried to bring himself into the now but his mind keep transmuting between the past and present at the same time.

“What did you say Dr…em…ehm, sorry I missed your name! How is my wife? Where is she? Is she okay? Is she fine?” The torrents of question spewing out of his mouth in the most incoherent manner.

“She will be …”

To be continued

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