Face me, I slap U “3” – Isaacola AA

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Poverty is almost always the reason most people make do with face me-I slap you but the absurdity can sometimes be so much for a sane person to comprehend at times.

Imagine a building in Ajegunle area, notoriously known as the king of slums and home of the weird and abnormal way of life. The said building has fifty two rooms and most are given out as a single rooms with six open heaven bathrooms and five outhouses; by that I mean latrines…pit latrines.

The noise that emanates from the said building is something else. Peace of mind is as foreign and impossible as snow is to Nigeria. In-fighting and fistful exchange is a common occurrence here- almost everyday phenomenon.

To say the least, the house is what can be termed a ‘civilian barrack’. We know the deplorable states of most of our military barracks; imagine a civilian one where indiscipline in rife ? Environmental sanitation days are always hilarious to say the least. It more of one tenant ready to outdo the other in demonstration of craze.

Payment of PHCN bill is another issue that keeps temper flaring especially with some of the tenants with up to seven squatters claiming the bills should be split equally with tenants without squatters even though he has more electronic gadgets than the average family man.

Going to work early in the morning, you just have to properly time your waking up or else, you may end up being number twenty in the long queue of neighbours to use the latrine or bathroom. In fact, at times, a family of five may have to cram themselves into the small bathroom to avoid being late to work or school.

In all sincerity, face me-I slap you is just not the best environment for a sane person; except it is just a passing phase of your life.

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Join us next week for Episode 4.

3 thoughts on “Face me, I slap U “3” – Isaacola AA

  1. Thank you so much for taking the pains to explain and I really appreciate it.
    The fact remains that the Nigerian State is so structurally defective. We can just wake up one day and say we want to move forward… to where??? When we dont have a direction. The more you read wide about the contraption of this nation called Nigeria, the more you see that our problems are complex.


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