Faith series X – Ikechukwu Amadi


A CHRISTIAN is to live in the supernatural. And to live like that, he needs to be spiritually minded. Too many of us are naturally minded and hence only see with our natural eyes when we should, with our spiritual eyes – the eyes of faith.

What does it mean to see through the eyes of faith? It means basing our actions and reactions on the Word of God. As Christians we understand that “our supply does not come from the world, rather it comes from The Word.”

Hence, to have adequate supply you must consume the Word of God in substantial proportions. When you have the Word of God indwelling your life, you will begin to see things as God sees them, as well as call them by their right names.

“Faith comes by hearing and hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” It is very simple, as simple as one and one equals two.

If you do not imbibe the Word of God, your life will be filled with fear, and thus you will react like the heathen who depend on their natural senses.

For the Christian, however, it is the supernatural senses that are most important.

What are you doing to develop your supernatural senses?

Are you investing time in the Word of God?

Is your faith great?

What are you doing to make your faith greater?

It is dangerous for a Christian to live without faith!

Do you need more faith? Go for the Word. Pure and simple!

Stay fresh!

Ikechukwu Amadi
@ikeamadi on Twitter

Ikechukwu Amadi is a fiercely passionate young man and author of the motivational book, ‘Do Something!’ He blogs on

Thanks to the many writers that had contributed one way on the other on “faith series” we hope to bring you another perspective next Saturday by God’s grace. Remain blessed.

I’m Isaacola AA

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