Face me, I slap U “4” – Isaacola AA

Here we are again taking a look at the multidimensional situations synonymous with the setting called “Face me, I slap you”.

When I came to Lagos some eleven years ago, I had to stay with a relative somewhere around ‘Alimosho’ area. I had to make do with the one room apartment then with my relative since I was had just finished the University.

You need to see the outhouse! A fabrication between latrine and water closet with open heaven roof. The bathroom was made of corrugated roofing sheet; roofless as usual giving you unlimited access to heaven while doing your thing.

Leaving the roofless outhouse and bathroom, there was no kitchen so everyone had to make do with the passage for cooking. Privacy was a no-no as every busybody in the building could take a peek in your pot on the way to or from the bathroom or latrine and could always tell you what you took in the morning, the kind of soup you cooked and possibly the number of pieces of meat or fish in your pot.

My qualms actually was with the level of noise pollution the occupants generated. The room before our room then had a bricklayer who just got married; the room after had a white-garment church family with all kinds of squatters who did all sorts of odd jobs as a source of income.

Every morning, we were woken up by loud party-like noises. My morning devotion was almost always affected until I had to device another means of circumventing it. The room before unfailingly blasted with disturbing consistency, Pasuma Wonder’s Won Nan Awo Ro; while the room after never missed the hollering of “Jesu yoo joba, araiye eyo…”

It got so confusing one day during my morning devotion that I began to sing Won Nan Awo Ro. I had to find out what it meant and when I did, I covered my face in shame.

Wow, what a bitter-sweet experience!

“Won Nan Awo Ro” – Figuratively means the skin has been so beaten that it has become soft. Its a rather vulgar connotation.

“Jesu yoo joba, araiye eyo” – Means Jesus will become king; let the world rejoice.

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3 thoughts on “Face me, I slap U “4” – Isaacola AA

  1. Hahahahaha. I can relate with your experience perfectly well. My family’s face-me-I-slap-you experience was slightly better. Stolen Maggi and sugar cubes, leaking(?) palm oil bottles, missing plates and spoons, even when we had just 2 families occupying the 2 wings. Nice piece again. Good 1


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