Tade and Nkechi “4” – Isaacola AA

Like I was saying, Doctor Sylva continued;

“You can have a look at your baby girl but your wife is still resting and it may be a few hours before she comes around but I can emphatically tell you that the surgery was successful.”

Tade sighed with relief and offered the doctor a bear hug. His mind was still not settled, even after the good news.

“Thanks once again Doc.” He said gratefully and he followed him to see his baby girl. That was actually when he noticed he was wearing a pajamas without a shoe or even a slippers!

Ouch! I will need to dash home and change, he thought as he smiled. They went on to see anesthetic-saturated Nkechi sleeping like an angel, oblivious to the world around her.

He pecked her on her forehead and left almost immediately. Finally, let me call my parents and inform them about the good news… He muttered to himself.

It was then he remembered he had left his gadgets at home; his I-pad, Nokia Lumia and Blackberry at home. He wouldn’t even be able to take a picture of the new born! Oh what a day! Am I the one giving birth? Why am I making all these little mistakes here and there? It was then he remembered what his father in-law once told him.

“Until you go to the labour room and come back, you are not yet a man son”. The gravity of the statement hit him and he smiled again, though he just noticed his lips were broken from the slap received earlier from his wife.


On getting home, the first thing on his mind was to dash for his phones. He saw sixteen missed calls on them and after taking a closer look, he discovered his mother in-law has twelve of the missed calls for him. Two were from his father in-law and two from his own mother in this ungodly hour.

He called the father in-law who answered on the first ring.

“Son, my wife has been thinking about you and your wife and she won’t sleep back until she speaks to you two!” He boomed from the other end.

“Ah baba! I now have a baby girl oh! Nkechi and the baby are fine though. She is still resting now.”

“Congrats my son! Finally, you’ve made me a grand father. Biko Mama Nkechi, we have a baby girl!” Chief Onuah, shouted excitedly! Mrs Onuah couldn’t hide her joy as she busted into praise songs to God in her dialect. After what seems like eternity to Tade, she remembered she was on the phone and spoke a few words to Tade before cutting off the line.

Tade called his mum too and informed her about the good news and she was overwhelmed with joy.

Mrs Ajayi, Tades mum, immediately started packing her things to make the travel to Lagos all the way from Osun State where she lived. In no time, she had arrived the house before noon that same day.

Her first port of call was the hospital to take care of the baby and the mother. Her joy knew no bounds even after the hell she and her daughter in-law went through all the past years before she was made a grand mother.

“Ori aba mi a gbemi o,mi a shu she olushe” she muttered in her Ijesha dialect. Thank you Jesus.

“Nurse, nurse please we have a situation here!” Tade ran towards the nursing station as the image of his beautiful wife gasping for breath shocked him to his bone marrow!

To be continued…

Ori aba mi agbemi means my ancestors will support me

Mi a shu she olushe means I won’t do the work of another.

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