Tade and Nkechi “5” – Isaacola AA

NB #savefolly Kindly help make donation (any amount will be appreciated) to MALOMO FOLORUNSHO CARLTON (GTBank 0004728392) who needed a kidney transplant surgery in India about four million Naira. He is a father of a six month old baby. ********************************** Tade was quite uneasy and it has started trickling down his face betraying what he … Continue reading Tade and Nkechi “5” – Isaacola AA

Fear – Isaacola AA

The palpable fear that can be touched, with its sulphurous smell barging into my subconscious, whispering in loud pounds of thunderous smash, its impossible for you to make it! Can I ever summon enough courage to fight this amorphous leviathan? Eyes bulging with splotches of red, nose flaring with oxygenated heat, fangs ready at the … Continue reading Fear – Isaacola AA