Faith series XI – Abayomi Oladunjoye


Obedience is not enough

Memory verse- Gen 26:3

Isaac got the blessings God had poured out on Abraham by obeying God to stay in Gerar, this blessing became an opener, a channel or an avenue through which God could reach out to him to extend the blessings but for the blessing to be turned from a spiritual gift to a physical reality bearing results he needed to add some other virtues to his act of obedience. In verse 12, Isaac took a step forward, he had to show God that he believed what he was told, HE SOWED. We need to realize that until he decided to sow, there really was no change in his position. Many Christians today can pray to the point wherein God releases a sure word to them, a sure infallible word but after hearing the word, they begin to jubilate and relax in the comfort of the heard word, and really do nothing physically to show to God that they believe on what they have heard, and they spend years after years holding unto the promise without seeing the reality. The truth is that after God releases His word, he expects us to act(work) physically in order for the heard word to come alive. We are to be like Isaac who despite seeing that there was famine in the land, which meant a scorched land, a dry and thirsty land, a hot sand bed that automatically kills any seed you plant in it but he refused to look at the physical evidences around him which were real, but chose to act out his faith in the word of God by doing what was contrary to common sense; sow in that same dry, thirsty, famine-ravaged, scorched land. The moment he did this, the word of the Lord that he obeyed came to life to give life unto the planted seed and also gave life to the ravaged land such that the same land that was dead became nourished and the seed that was meant to die reproduced itself a hundred fold.
In proceeding to act, you don’t have to feel powerful or confident, don’t focus on the physical attributes, the most important thing you need is the sure word of God and the moment you receive it, please run.
Arise therefore and add to your faith good works because life is about coming unto your work which would bring you the rewards of the blessings.
Further reading: James 2: 20-26

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