Fear – Isaacola AA

The palpable fear that can be touched, with its sulphurous smell barging into my subconscious, whispering in loud pounds of thunderous smash, its impossible for you to make it!

Can I ever summon enough courage to fight this amorphous leviathan? Eyes bulging with splotches of red, nose flaring with oxygenated heat, fangs ready at the mouthed orifice ready to devour!

Do I have the will to face my demons! Its captivity a function of passed down myths and legends, burrowing its roots deeply in the foundation of my core.

I refuse your food, oh fear and refuse the drink you offer because they push me deeper into the sinkhole of despair. The more I entertain you, the more miserable you make me become.

I divorce you and your surrogate, oh fear. I now know you for who you are, even those things I am trained to do and the things I have mastered overtime become utterly difficult tasks with you.

My basic intuitive reasoning is suspended anytime you visit. My cognitive power is rendered obsolete at the mention of your name. Intelligence vanishes whenever you are around. Fear paralyzes all faculty of reasoning and rendered the owner useless.

Nothing good appears where ever you appear. I am done with you, oh agent of doom.

I believe I can! You have no power over me and your form is actually formless when I check really. You are false evidence appearing real, oh thou fear. You delight in tormenting your captives and rendering them impotent.

Now I know what to fear actually is my fear! After believing in myself that I can, I upped the ante by confronting what I fear most. I read and sought counsel where needed and made up my mind. No one will fight this battle for or with me.

Ooops! Fear begins to fear me! Yes, you too can kill your fear and replace it with belief and faith. It is doable!

I’m @newnaija on twitter

Tade n Nkechi episode 5 will be out tomorrow morning.

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