Tade and Nkechi “5” – Isaacola AA

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Tade was quite uneasy and it has started trickling down his face betraying what he was thinking.
He loses concentration easily and this could be one of those days…

“What is wrong with my darling Nkechi? It seems the Doc is not telling me everything… Why all these shrouded secrecy and hush hush talk in the hospital whenever I am around… Am I losing it?”

Then he remembered he is yet to get the baby names ready for the next day’s mini-naming ceremony.
“God please see me through this trying period” he muttered under his breath.


In the Doctor’s office, Tade was practically holding his breath for the verdict from the expert brought in by Doctor Sylva.

The older doctor cleared his throat and began talking in an emotionless tone.
“My dear young man, your wife will be okay but you need to exercise patience for a while. She has what is called “Postoperative cognitive dysfunction” simply termed POCD.” He continued “That is what was responsible for her seemingly intermittent irrational behavior. You will have to manage the situation until she turn the corner and becomes herself again.”

“You will need to get some drugs for her and I will have to see her at least twice a week for the next three weeks. Hopefully everything will be okay then.” He heaved a sigh and continued…

“By the way, your mum may have to stay away from her for now to speed up her recovery. She will definitely come out good.” He concluded.


“How do I explain this medical jargon to my mum, without sending the wrong signal to her? This is quite a dilemma I never bargained for. What should I do Oh God?”
The thoughts kept trickling in and getting wilder as they settled.

“Mum” Tade began in a quivering and emotions laden voice “we have a situation at hand. Nkechi may be staying longer than initially expected in the hospital. I think we needed a nurse or maid that will help run around. Moreover you are not as young as you used to be “maami”. You can’t be jostling between the hospital and home on dai….”

“Enough!”  Mama shouted. “Am I being asked to go? Tade mo jemi shepe ko o, mo ti wiba. Lugbe ko ya fe Nyamiri…. “

To be continued next week

Mama was simpy saying in Ijesha dialect that: Tade shouldn’t allow her to curse him. I have said it earlier when you went to marry an Igbo lady…

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