Face me, I slap U “5” – Isaacola AA

As we look into our faulty and convoluted structure called “Face me, I slap you”, let us have a look at another scenario today.

As earlier stated in the series, most times poverty and lack of government will to enforce discipline whatsoever in any form resulted in uncontrolled building with little or any thought for the well-being of the intended residents as soon such building is completed. Let us put in perspective the landlord in Ajegunle area who built a house with forty two rooms with only five outhouses and four bathrooms – both opened to the heavens! How on earth do we justify that?

Without much ado, let’s look at a peculiar situation emanating from these settings today!

We will be concentrating on a young man, named ABC who lived in such a setting. He has been living for the past six years in the so-called setting without paying rent, thanks to the beautiful wife of the landlord who developed an interest in him. For you to understand the peculiarity of the situation, you will need to know that the said beautiful wife is the sixth wife of the aging landlord who happened to love the opposite sex in the hay days of his life but cannot properly function now that age has set in.

The wife too who is more interested in the money of the man than any other thing, used the opportunity to camp the boy immediately one of the rooms in the sixteen room apartment of her husband owned. His use was to satiate the young woman whenever and however she deemed it fit since the battery of her husband had run out of juice.

The excuse the wife gave the husband is that ABC is a struggling young boy that needed all the encouragement in the world in order for him not to go into crime which is the prevailing case in the environment they found themselves in. The unsuspecting husband believed his wife even when rumours begins to circulate the building that there was more to this landlady-tenant intimacy.

As the devil will always have his way, a younger lady who happened to be a seamstress packed into the compound in the sixth year of ABC staying in the house free of charge. Before you could say Jack Robinson, both of them began to spend more time with each other and before long, the bed of the landlady begin to suffer neglect and she started creating scenes upon scenes, using every opportunity to look for a fight with ABC.

Matters soon came to a head when the house typical for its hush-hush co-existence degenerated into full blown war between tenants pitching their tents with the opposing side and some with the landlady. Alas, the matter had to be brought into the open and the older children of the Landlord who were involved in settling the case when it is increasingly looked the landlord would lose his life on the shameless woman(in my opinion) who was hell bent on destroying the life of an adventurous young man because of her unbridled sexual appetite.

The verdict of the children of the landlord is that the boy, the new lady tenant and the wife of the landlord that had no child for the landlord were to move for peace to reign in the house.

Ummmm, unbelievable but true. These are just one of those things you see in face me, I slap you setting.

May the Lord deliver us all from poverty!!!

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See you next week for another line of face me , I slap you series.

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