Face me, I slap U “6” – Isaacola AA

Today we will travel down memory lane in reference to a tragic occurrence  in Ilorin in the year 1995,specifically around Garin Alimi and Odoota axis. An event so brutal and shocking it speaks volumes of the evil inherent in man and what hard drugs can do to the multi~dimensional brain of an otherwise genteel and easy going young man.
Firstly, ‘the face me I slap U’ setting was unique in that it was a two storey building that looked better off than other buildings around it. Nevertheless its still a face me I slap you, the reason being that the richest among the tenants commands a room and a parlour. The bathrooms are shared by five rooms which is mostly equivalent to five families ;whilst the toilet is another day’s tale.
To home in on the house, Young, muscular and vibrant boys are the major occupants on the ground floor while the first and second floor comprises of mainly married ones. Because of the poor hygiene of the toilet most of the young guys on the ground floor always resort to  “open heaven” bush attack especially in the evening cum night time.
The young boys are mostly business men involved in sales of various goods and they do have a lot of spare time in their hands to mess around with children of the married tenants and even some greedy married women were not left behind. The irony of the matter is this: these young boys do drugs. Marijuana and some stuff better left for fantasy.
On this fateful day, one of the guys went out to do open heaven bush attack he also seized the opportunity to inhale some of his heavy stuff and was carried away to the extent that it went beyond the normal degree of “feeling high”. On arrival back to the house, he realised that the central door into the house had been locked, this prompted his drug induced brain to work extra hard in the wrong direction, he was erratic, unstable and at best volatile. After persistently knocking, one woman who just returned from selling by the road side who was still awake came  to open the door for this drugged up man and unfortunately for her, her husband was not around and her six years old twins were fast asleep. Suddenly,this drugged up young man rushed into his room and picked up a sharp knife and sliced the throat of a twin who was still asleep  and this criminally insane guy even had the effrontery to carry his kill drenched in blood walking majestically as though he was a hunter who had made his biggest kill of his life.

The mother of the girl erupted in anguished shriek that woke every one in the vicinity. Who will bell the cat?A  Typical Yoruba setting, it was filled with raised voices but no corresponding action. Thanks to the young man’s colleagues who rushed towards him and snatched the corpse from him and suddenly some men  remembered their gender. They sprung into action and He was beaten blue black until he died  on the spot.

Tragedy! We had two corpses on our street! Consequently the police came down heavily on the street arresting every adult in sight but alas the damage had been done. The woman moved out of the area not too long after the incident. What a tragedy!

Like I keep saying, face me I slap U is not the best place to raise children.

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Isaacola AA can be reached on twitter @newnaija

“Face me, I slap U” may be going on break for now. Thanks for the understanding. I believe we will come back better.

3 thoughts on “Face me, I slap U “6” – Isaacola AA

  1. oga break ke?
    don’t starve us with this educative piece o. Abi you think we have not been reading?

    You only have one week break, if you don’t come back, we will sue you *evil grin*


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