Tade and Nkechi “7” – Isaacola AA

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Nkechi was ruminating over the nightmare she just had.

“Can it be true? Though there is no love lost between me and mama, but overtime I had come to respect her stand on issues. If I were in her shoes also I will be extra-protective of my first son!”

“Dreams, they say, come as a result of the day’s activities or better still what one has been preoccupied with. More so, the opposite of my dreams come to pass most times”. She assured herself further.

“Come to think of it, is it my mother that is witch? Tufiakpa! Impossible.” Her brow furrowed in serious thinking which she has not done in the last three weeks.

Unknowingly to her, the nightmare actually snapped back her jumbled mind into what it used to be before. She has regained her sharp mind back after a terrifying dream….


Mrs Ajayi was rocking Morenikeji in her cot, singing in her Ijesha dialect to the baby. Mama could not understand why Tade will not allow her use the herbal mixture she brought from the village on the child, regardless of the baby’s pain, saying: Doc said this and nurse said that.

“Eh eh” mama sighed, frustrated about not being able to use her baby nursing experience gathered and garnered over four decades on her granddaughter. “Ori uba ma bami toju omo hin”….


Tade received a call from his in-law that finally, Mrs. Onuah, the mother in-law will be coming tomorrow. He sighed with a forlorn look etched across his face. How on earth will he be able to cope with the culture and ego clash about to be unleashed?

Dealing with his mother was better because, at most, they will come to an agreement that they had the same goal in mind but different ways of achieving it. But how will he be able to persuade his in-law to drop some of the concoction he is sure she will be bringing?

“Thank God Nkechi has suddenly taken a turn for the better since yesterday afternoon. There is even a muted talk about discharging them within forty eight hours after the visit by the specialist Doctor. Thank God for his mercies” He concluded his personal conversation with himself.

Nkechi was finally allowed to breastfeed Chichi for the first time in three weeks. She let out a cry of joy as the golden juice flowed through her mammary gland sending electric shock, cascading through her core. In a flash, she felt like having hot passionate sex with Tade, but it flew off her mind almost the moment it started.

Oh, the joy of motherhood. She felt complete and serene all at the same time.

“Tade” she called sweetly. “We needed to talk!”

“I’m all ears” Tade replied lovingly.

“I mean, talk!” She bellowed and Tade had to excuse the nurse, nanny and mama just for him, his wife and daughter to have their first family talk.

“I had a dream and what I saw in the dream was scary. I think it is high time we got close to God in light of all these happenings.” She made a pleading and affirmative intro.
“Um, are you turning religious on me Nkem? Why the sudden spiritual stuff now.” Tade replied in his ever loving way.

“Tade, we will be leaving the hospital tomorrow and I believe it’s high time we turned a new leaf!” still in her mood. “We can’t continue to live like we used to do. More so, we have a baby to train now.”


“Shishi! abi what do your mum call you sef. Listen daughter, your name is MORENIKEJI. I will be leaving but hear this: you are not shishi or chinchin. Uje jesha loore omo. Ajari loruko uba re….” Mama was back to her Ijesha mood before she could conclude the heart-to-heart with the new baby.

To be continued

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