Anger – Isaacola AA

Psychologists are of the opinion that everybody displays fifteen minutes of madness daily (mainly through anger).

Anger is healthy when channelled to the right course and expressed for the right reasons but it must be  properly managed or else it turn sour and cause damages untold.

Lets talk about anger a bit. If you have never been angry in your life, it means you are probably not alive or you are insane (apology tendered).

A little dose of anger is healthy but when you cannot control the anger and it is now the one controlling you, then destruction lurks in the corner.

I have seen a man get angry and  beat his pregnant wife to coma (the door of the apartment was locked and neighbours could not come to rescue). I have seen a wife get angry either justifiably so or not and she ended up destroying all the electronics and tearing up the certificates of the husband. What else? No wonder the holy book says “anger resides in the heart of the fool”.

Mind you, I am not saying you will not be provoked to anger! Far be it. In fact the people closest to you will be the one that will provoke you the most (your children, wife, husband, siblings and colleagues). Offences will surely come but you must make up your mind before people offend you that you will let go and not bottle up offences.

Anger age men beyond reasonable level! It takes lesser facial muscles to smile than to frown. More energy is used up while you are angry.

Hear me, the stronger party always initiate peace talk. Walk out of offences and shake off anger. Don’t allow anger to affect you to the extent that it will run and ruin your life.

Don’t bottle up anger, it wears out the stomach lining and causes unimaginable health problems. Express your anger in a controlled manner and don’t pour vitriol on others to show your anger.

You are the general overseer of you life after God. Don’t allow a third party to control you life and happiness through anger.

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3 thoughts on “Anger – Isaacola AA

  1. Great admonition to start the day with. Anger does norhing but rob an individual of his happiness. A few weeks ago, I was offended by some colleagues. I wasa so angry that I couldn’t pick my normal mood for the next 2 days. What I’ve learnt is to do as the Bible says, “Be angry but do not sin”. I try as much as I can not to let the sun go down on my anger, or I just find a way to forget the annoying issue as soon as I can. Good work yet again sir, God bless you


  2. Great admonition on anger sir. I have discovered that there are dimensions of anger and the situation that made you angry will determine how long you will carry the burden, for example, how long you can be angry about the situation of the country can’t be compared to how long you can be angry with your wife. Meanwhile, the only way to be free is to learn SELF CONTROL. No matter how long you remain angry (forget the sun), if you are able to control yourself not to sin, you re stronger. Thank you Issac Ola for this great piece.


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