Faith Series XV – Ike Amadi

Man Cannot Recharge Himself.
Prayer: Dear Lord, inspire me with your word. In Jesus name, Amen!
Caveat: “Where the Word of a king is there is power.” God is the King of kings and thus His word is All-Power.
If ever you have been in love, you will observe that there are times you do not feel like loving the other person. This occurs especially when the object of your love is far from you. This perhaps is why they say, ‘long distance relationships cannot work!’ It could be true. I have seen many a person profess love for their partners. This love however begins to wane and ebb when they move to another city or country and are placed in different circumstances. You find that they begin to reconsider their love relationship.
This is universally true. Some ladies, however, know that that is a possibility. They then would make sure not to give their men any distance. Some would spend their last cash on transport fare in order to get to their loved one and at such save the relationship.
You observe that when such is done, the love is rekindled and passion is set rolling again. One is reminded of his love for the other person, and everything becomes well again.
I have been in love and I perfectly can relate to the above.
There is something the presence of your love does to you, if indeed you are genuinely in love.
Now let us take it a little backwards. If you were once in love and fell out of love or as they say, ‘broke up with your partner,’ you’ll observe that you are advised to severe communication with that person, to help each other heal. This is more so, when one party desires that the relationship continue, and the other does not.
Our natural love differs greatly from divine love. Divine love towards the object of love never changes; ours does.
What should we then do when our strength is failing, when our passion is ebbing, when our love is waning, when our zeal is growing cold? We must then draw closer to the object of our love – Jesus. When we come into the presence of our God, our love is refreshed. We find reason to love again. We are strengthened.
When we observe that our faith is no longer strong, we must return to the Word of God and search the scriptures. For when we do that, we are encouraged and our faith is strengthened.
God made us such that we cannot survive for long apart from him and his word.
For constant strong faith, stick with God and his word. Desire his presence to be refreshed therein.

God bless you!


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