Tade and Nkechi ‘9’ – Isaacola AA

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Nkechi was discharged from the hospital after six weeks and she was ecstatic. She was already basking in the euphoria of going home, finally without her movements being curtailed. Tade was not sharing the same mood with his darling wife; thoughts were running riot through his brain on how he will cope with the two mothers after they reconciled at the hospital.
They are now like siamese twins that can hardly be separated. Where in God’s earth will he answer the nagging questions raised by Nkechi about spirituality of the family? His thoughts were running out of all reasonable intents.

Tade continued in his thought process. Another issue is the question of his health which seemed to be pulling at him and whispering to him to slow down.
“Can I be getting old?” Tade asked himself unconvincingly.


Peace wasn’t elusive as before in Tade’s home. Apart from the recurrent issue of committing their lives to God that Nkechi has dedicated her mind, every day and everything to. Mrs Ajayi seems to have forgotten she is going back to Ilesha.

Mrs Ajayi has joined Nkechi in calling her granddaughter “Chichi” while Mrs Onuah has adapted her own version of the Yoruba name “Nkeji”. Chichi seems to grow in the atmosphere as all the colicky seems to disappear and a chubby little angel emerged from the crying baby of some weeks ago.


Nkechi had a dream the second week after getting home, where she saw her husband as a fast moving train heading towards a bottomless ditch. She screamed to warn him but it looks as if the husband had made up his mind and will not heed any warning whatsoever. Before you could say jack, the train crashed and no survivor was rescued. Nkechi was weeping seriously from her sleep till she woke up. It took the combined efforts of both mothers to persuade her to calm down before a semblance of calmness was restored.

“I think we need to call a Pastor”

Nkechi told no one in particular but she looked resolute and before anyone could weigh in, she was dialling the  Pastor that visited her in the hospital number.
“Hello sir….”

To be continued

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