Face me, I slap U “6” – Isaacola AA

Today we will travel down memory lane in reference to a tragic occurrence  in Ilorin in the year 1995,specifically around Garin Alimi and Odoota axis. An event so brutal and shocking it speaks volumes of the evil inherent in man and what hard drugs can do to the multi~dimensional brain of an otherwise genteel and … Continue reading Face me, I slap U “6” – Isaacola AA

Tade n Nkechi “6” – Isaacola AA

For episode 5 http://t.co/Q4PIPhqW7v Mama burst into uncontrollable tears... “Is this how you want to pay me back Omotade! I am now a witch that I had to be away from your wife for her to be well!” She muttered in between sob. She began walking up and down the siting room in no particular … Continue reading Tade n Nkechi “6” – Isaacola AA