Face me, I slap U “7”

Dedicated to @ayosholola for urging me on,

Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out. Proverbs 10:19

Somewhere around an industrial area in Lagos Nigeria,
Where houses are built arbitrarily for the sole purpose of making profit,
With total lack of regard for the people that will inhabit the structure,
A drama unfolds……….

Johnny was extremely excited when he got the job at the manufacturing plant. At thirty three, with a young and beautiful wife, he believed things were falling into place for his family.
He couldn’t believe his luck when the job came through. After searching for years and crippled with the fear of not being able to financially provide for his family in the fast paced city of Lagos, he sang a tune in his heart as he walked home from work.
He loved Dupe. He really did. Why wouldn’t a man give his entire heart to a damsel who had kept her virginity and was so supportive and encouraging of his new job, even though it meant she was often alone at night?
The joy in his heart translated into singing the tune out loud. A car was definitely the next thing he must buy to transport his princess he thought as the moon shone brilliantly in the sky
Elsewhere, As Dupe put on her pant; she felt Bayo’s sperm flow out. “Oh God” she muttered to herself. But she came prepared. So she unwrapped a new pair and stuck a sanitary towel on it. “That fool won’t have a clue” she thought. Often times, she wondered how daft Johnny actually was.
At twenty six years old, she had been sexually active for almost two decades. In fact her parents once accused her of being possessed with the spirit of lewdness when it came to the issue of sex.

She was fondly called “Animashaun” (one who gives without holding back) by the neighbourhood guys where she grew up due to her unnatural appetite for sex.

But looking back, it wasn’t totally her fault. Her sordid entrance into sex started when three boys in their compound between the ages of ten and twelve raped her when she was eight. She never reported the incident, because she actually enjoyed the stuff. She graduated from then onward to an insatiable nympho.

Rushing off to her shop where she was a seamstress, she began sewing as she had told Johnny she was working late on some “aso ebi” (group attire for an occasion) for a wedding.
Being a man you could predict, Johnny walked in at exactly the time she told him to arrive. As he came over to hug her, Dupe was definitely in no mood for his boring sex. Immediately, she placed his hand on her private part so he could feel the sanitary pad.

When they arrived home, she quickly dashed off into the kitchen and spent quite some time making the dinner. With the hope that he would eat and then sleep off. As his conversations which mostly centred on work, left her drained of energy.
Listening to Johnny’s snoring as she gazed at the ceiling, she reminisced on her marriage and the carefully constructed plan that made it happen.
After playing the field for some time, she sensed it was time for her to settle down. So she quickly repackaged herself by feigning chastity and portraying the character of a homely girl.
Johnny bought the bait and fell for it hook line and sinker! Within six months of dating, they rushed to the registry where they were pronounced husband and wife.

Dupe was overjoyed that she caught a big handsome fish with her display of pretence chastity. Johnny was a first timer and proper “omo mummy” (mummy’s pet) who had lived a sheltered life. He therefore couldn’t catch Dupe in her lie of being a virgin. She completely swayed him with a well-choreographed display of difficult entry.
Dupe was not satisfied by the learner boy called husband. In truth, it will take more than one professional in the science and art of sex to satisfy “Animashaun.” So she quickly recruited Bayo, the bachelor living in the same compound.
Every evening, she normally had a shower in their bathroom; which is well located behind the building. And there, her lover always gave her a quickie before sleeping. This soon graduated to her lover sneaking into her room whenever Johnny was on night duty.

But, “Every day is for the thief and one day is for the owner” goes the popular saying.

One day, Johnny was feeling funny and after a visit to the factory clinic around nine pm in the night he was asked to go home and rest. As the custom of the environment he lived in, there was no gate which made it easy for him not to disturb Dupe.
He got home around eleven pm and inserted the key into the door only for his senses to be awakened by some moaning and panting within his room.

He thought his ears were deceiving him, so he turned around and peeped through a small opening in the wooden window. And there it was, his naked wife pumping with all sense of urgency a man lying on his back”.

He lost his cool and the sickness vanished in an instant. He broke in through the window and pounced on the two shameless adults. Dupe screamed on top of her voice and thank God, the neighbours quickly rushed in before Johnny could take the law into his hand and be charged for manslaughter………

Dupe was sent packing afterwards, and nothing could change Johnny’s mind most especially when one after the other, the neighbours eagerly told him Dupe had been shamelessly doing this for quite some time.
Not only was she an unfaithful liar, she had also stepped on his self-worth.

Moral of the story: Your character cannot be hidden. Work on it before it disgraces you.

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