Perspective – Isaacola AA

Tade and Nkechi “10” will be out on thursday 6th of June 2013.


The cup is either half full or half empty; it’s all a function of where and how you are looking at it.

I don’t want to be labour the issue of non performance of this present administration but certain issues beg attention that must be given to it all else…

This administration has taken non performance and maladministration to a never before seen level in the history of any land. At least, I have seen up to ten different administrations in this land but this one rank at the top of everything call evil.

This particular administration has a whole lot of technocrats but all we see is abracadabra- the more you look, the less you see. How can someone in his sane mind mark this joke eight out of twelve? Simply put, three quarter! 

Three quarter or one quarter! It behoves all rational and objective minds to look critically at the so-called achievements.

The achievements I personally can see are;

Impunity and total disregard for the rule of law.

Increase in infant mortality and maternal mortality rate.

Millions of children out of school.

Erratic power supply and increased excuses for it from our bloated public servants.

Performing economy without job creation.

Increase in the activity of lootocrats parading themselves as democrats.

Trillions budgeted for security and yet bombs going off with the rapidity of breathing in our father land.

Corruption has been canonised to a sainthood level in all facets of our national life.

Let me not bore you with our numerous ills called gains of democracy, one thing this administration has succeeded in is making the self-acclaimed “evil genius” look like a messiah.

Maradonna institutionalised corruption but this maladministration canonised corruption and castrated equity, justice and fairness. State pardon to convicted felons and recycling of geriatric “fixers” in our national life is the in thing.

Militants and terrorist hold sway and the presidency have been turned into tribal and “nepotic” institution. Like someone rightly put it on twitter, NOI should stop parading nice and statistic that does not translate into food for the common man. Do something please. Nigeria is beyond anybody and the nation can cope with or without anybody. We need action not rhetorical mouthing of transformation agenda on dailies and on air. We strongly need fresh breath or air now.

In conclusion, your arbitrary apportion of three quarter to this sleeping government is beyond reason. I will objectively give them one quarter.


Thank God, Aso rock is not renamed after somebody during the democracy day broadcast by oga at the top! *Winks*

I’m @newnaija on twitter.


Your comments are welcomed and appreciated

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