TADE and NKECHI “10”

The phone rang incessantly but Pastor Emma was deep in sleep and could not be roused even by an earthquake with the level and intensity of the sleep.

Pastor Emma was actually receiving visions and revelation concerning a family he prayed for in a certain hospital.
Clear cut instructions were being downloaded to his spirit but his only thought is how he would locate the said family….


Nkechi suddenly felt frustrated and abandoned the phone.
“What is happening?” She muttered without speaking to anyone in particular.

“Take it easy Nne” Mrs. Onuah tried to persuade the exasperated Nkechi.
“Mama you don’t understand this things, I feel it is high time we began to get close to God and by that I don’t mean following some religious route. I mean real relationship” Nkechi said.

Pastor Emma awoken from his vision cum revelation instruction and was still thinking on how to locate this said family when he was jolted by the recollection of his last visit to the hospital. He was not sure but he recalls collecting the number of the woman at the hospital.

“Thank you Jesus” Pastor Emma shouted when it suddenly flashed in his subconscious mind. Mrs Nkechi Tade-Ajayi. Yes, that was the name.

As he picked his phone to try and scroll through the contacts, he noticed he had six missed calls, all belonging to Mrs. Nkechi Tade-Ajayi. Wow, this is more than coincidence. This is the handwork of the invincible God orchestrating things in the affairs of men.


As Nkechi was thinking what next to do, her phone starts ringing, lo and behold it was Pastor Emma.
“Hello Pastor…….


Tade could not shake the feeling of impending doom away. What is happening to me? Why is my feeling uneasy? Why is my senses alerted and agitated at the same time? These are questions Tade was asking himself. When it seems an answer is coming forth, it disappears again into thin air.

“I think it’s high time I listen to Nkechi. Yes I think she has a point about all these religious stuff she is pushing unto me. I’m going home to have a serious talk with Nkem today.

He picks his key and drove home straight before doubt begin to get at him again.”


“Hello Pastor, it’s me, the lady you prayed for at……” Nkechi was saying.
“I know you madam; in fact I need to see you today if it is not difficult for you Ma”.
Pastor Emma said with lesser confidence than he felt when he woke up from the sleep.


Mrs Onuah was feeling uncomfortable and it’s very evident in her countenance.
“I think I will need to go home tomorrow to see your Dad, Nkechi” Mama Onuah said without conviction.
”I have a feeling he is having difficulty with his drugs and……” Mama was eagerly looking for excuses and it was conspicuous to all that she is failing miserably.
“What is wrong mama?” Nkechi asked her mother.

“Em, eh, um, please I don’t want to see all these Lagos preachers” Mrs Onuah said without conviction, again.


Tade walks in as Pastor Emma was asking for him.
“Thank God you are around Mr Tade” Pastor Emma said with a well-modulated baritone.

Please I want everybody in the house to come out for general prayers. The Lord specially gave me a message to this home….

To be continued

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3 thoughts on “TADE and NKECHI “10”

  1. Mrs. Onuah wanting to avoid ‘Lagos preachers’ is something that arouses suspicion. For every episode I mssed, I have made up this morning. Good series. Bless you sir


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